How to be a BOSS (2 min read)

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Snow and Sand

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We’re visiting the Treadwell ruins, which today, at low tide, offers Aki a chance to run full out on wet sand and porpoise over paths covered with deep snow. After doing her business and checking the pee mail, the little dog links together a series of leaps that propel…

Backpacking in The Tetons

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The highlight of our Wyoming trip was heading out into the “backcountry” of the Tetons, which is VERY different from, say, the backcountry of Denali. In the Tetons, there are visible trails and all sorts of signs that provide such important information as how many miles it is to the next checkpoint…

The Ultimate Packing Guide for Backpacking Europe

The best way to travel Europe is with only one carry-on sized bag. Budget flights that don’t include a checked bag, buses and trains without luggage racks, uneven cobblestone streets, fourth floor hotel rooms without a lift, and tiny taxis with no extra room all create an environment that is not very luggage friendly. If…

This Solitude will Soon Pass Away

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? Solitude has a Season Winter hiking, even on a sunny day, usually is a solitary event. Few people enjoy its solitude with me on the trails. I’m scouting out new trails to add to my circuit. This lakeshore trail has some promise. I was immediately greeted by a…

The 10 Types of People You Meet in Hostels

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Anyone who has stayed in at least a handful of different hostels will surely have noticed that there are a few common archetypes that seem to pop up time and time again within such a setting. From the token dude travelling with his acoustic guitar to the person whose…

What I learnt whilst backpacking

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If you throw out the idea that your thinking about going backpacking, people will instantly start taking the piss and asking questions such as ‘What? Are you going to find yourself or something?’ and ‘How are YOU going to manage that?!’but what these people didn’t realise is that their…

Dry summer

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It has been a dry start to 2017. We are in the midst of our summer and the rain is staying away. I am lucky because I planned a garden based on succulents, so I do not have to water in any case, but even the poor succulents are…

Outfit | Summer Night

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Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !! Today I will share with you guys my OOTD from Saturday Night, I feel like I haven’t done an OOTD post since long, so it was the perfect time to do so. I went some something really fresh and casual, because it’s summer around here…

Summer Daze

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I feel the sunshine on my face through emerald branches like delicate spider-web lace I feel the warm and soothing rays of those dreamy summer days I wish I could go back to that place…. ©?Kait King, 2015

Summer’s end

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The dreams they are made of light and love pieces of the day and places in the night Uncovering what her heart wants most and letting him grant her this deep dark desire Shhh don’t tell anyone She can’t say it out loud it all becomes too real and she will…

My Summers’ night.

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You’re like my summers’ night. Soaked naturally in darkest of darkness. Yet, decorated with the brightest of lights. Staring at me, teaching the divinity of calmness. Picture Credits. verbal.seduction Any secret message for me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.

Iceland Adventure: The Golden Circle Tour!

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Want to know what you’ll see if you book onto the famous Golden Circle Tour in Iceland? Then Check out this Vlog! The first vlog from Iceland is of the tour myself and Connor took through the Golden Circle area of Iceland. This tour included; Geyser Hot Spring Area…

Freepaddling in the Ten Thousand Island: Part Two

Originally posted on Wind Against Current:
By Johna Till Johnson The “Everything Tree” on Panther Key In the bright light of full morning, I sat down to make coffee and breakfast… and had a rude shock. The Jetboil, which had worked perfectly well last night (and in pre-trip tests), now would no longer start. This…

5by20: How Coca-Cola is Empowering Women around the World

Author’s note: I received products from Coca-Cola’s 5by20 program; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. You know how much I love to share amazing gifts that give back and … Article Source: 5by20: How Coca-Cola is Empowering Women around the World

Fitness Goals

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Reality check: So I am going to say what you are not suppose to say but I JUST WANT TO BE SKINNY! Since starting my adult life I have put on a crazy 15kgs. Bonkers, I know. Each and every Monday I plan on starting my diet but come…

To My Dad

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Today marks 3 years since you left our lives completely. ?You were travelling back from taking your girlfriend to work with your daughter in the back of the car when you were hit by a drunken, drugged up driver. I remember that day so well. ?I was working that day,…

Rishikesh, my Happy Place

Originally posted on Himadri Negi:
Some places hold a special place in our hearts, and each time you visit them, you take a piece of them with you and leave a piece of yours with them. For me, it’s ‘Rishikesh’ – The Yoga Capital of the World. Rishikesh is magic for my soul and I still…

Timeless tracks and trails of Belgium

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I am now trying to get myself a bit fitter after a seasonal layoff from longer bike rides. As it is cold, damp and the visibility is poor the roads are not an attraction and I need a bit of a purpose to keep myself going. Therefore I…

Why You Should Give Mountain Biking A Try?

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“Ever bike? Now that’s something that makes life worth living!…Oh, to just grip your handlebars and lay down to it, and go ripping and tearing through streets and road, over railroad tracks and bridges, threading crowds, avoiding collisions, at twenty miles or more an hour, and wondering all the time when…

Bucking a Trend with the Fenix BC21R Bike Light

Originally posted on the drunken cyclist:
Back in the Spring, I received the Fenix BC21R Bike Light to review (currently on sale for $75 on the Fenix website). For my day job, I commute by bike and I was really looking forward to giving the light a good test. The problem was, they sent the light right…

10 Exciting Locations for Getaways in Nigeria

Originally posted on Mercy Williams Explores:
Are you in Nigeria for the holidays and looking for a perfect location for a getaway? Or simply just want to getaway from work and the regular life chaos? Whether you’re the explorer, the adventurer, or the beach bum, I’ve curated these 10 amazing locations for a weekend getaway. Thank…

Lake Crabtree Morning Ride

Originally posted on The Alchemist of the Woods:
I first bought my mountain bike in May 2013 and it has easily been one of the best purchases of my entire life. This one simple purchase has lead to countless adventures, meeting new friends, and has even become a shared hobby between my wife and me.…

The Hiawatha Bike Trail

Originally posted on Lookin' at the World:
Last September, I went on a 30 mile long mountain-biking trip on the Montana/Idaho border.  It’s an old rail-road grade that has been turned into a mountain biking trail.  There is ten tunnels, and 7 really high trestles. My favorite tunnel (and the longest one) crossed the border…

Fit Recovery on Cycling: How Fast is Fast Enough on a Bicycle?

Originally posted on Fit Recovery:
How fast is fast enough on a bicycle? There are too many variables to even begin to answer that question in a blog post.  The easy way out, and certainly the funny way out, is to answer simply, “If you have to ask, you’re not there yet.  Pedal harder and/or faster.” What…

Summer’s Race for Stillness

Originally posted on Susie Lindau's Wild Ride:
Summer fun includes a wide range of activities. Some can be enjoyed at breakneck speeds while others require taking a moment to be still and take in the surrounding beauty. It’s wildflower season in the high country. Summer is so fleeting at high altitudes, it’s hard to…

Solitude, Peace and Beauty

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When I think of “solitude“, I think of our beautiful mountains in the Pyrenees. The chair I sit in and from which I look at the top of the mountains where I do mountain biking. There’s no one there. Just bears. And even so. The lakes,…