Pets On The Plane


Woman and her labradoodle dog driving with the car

Let me start off by saying, I am a pet owner. I love my dog, Bailey. My dog loves car trips. My dog has stayed in a hotel. My dog has pranced across the prairies. My dog has frolicked in the ocean. My dog has never been on a plane…and maybe you shouldn’t bring yours either.

Lets be clear, there are exceptions. Lots of them, actually.  Moving across the country and a five day car trip would stress Felix out. Sure. Service dog for the blind. Without a doubt. Do a search for pet travel on TripAdvisor and there are literally thousands of people weighing in on the issue of plane travel for pets.

Here are a few considerations to help you decide if your pet should travel by plane.

Is It Safe For My Pet To Fly?

Generally dogs or cats that are considered to be snub or pug nosed will not be…

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