The Difference Between Traveling to Escape and Traveling to Live

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Under the Latin Sun

The travel bug can strike at any time. It will sneak up on you one day when you least expect it. One minute you will be perfecting your 5-year plan, then suddenly you will have the unquenchable urge to just get up and go. Here, there, preferably on the beach somewhere.

Don’t set out with the intention of running away from your problems. Dead set on leaving your rent, car-payment or overbearing family in the dust. You will soon realize you are traveling for all the wrong reasons.

I admit, maybe at first traveling helps you escape in a sense. Going on vacation gets you away from the mundane routine of eat, sleep, work, repeat. Seeing new sites helps free your mind from the usual thoughts about work deadlines, who you will have to avoid at brunch next Sunday, and the immense amount of student loans that are piling up…

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