Benifits of Chanting Aum ॐ

Benifits of Chanting Aum ॐ 

The ॐ chanting removes toxin from your body. It gives you better immunity and self-healing power.

It improves your concentration and helps you focus on your target.

The ॐ chanting improves your voice and gives a strength to vocal cord and muscles during old age.

Om Mantra has a cardiovascular benefit too which keeps blood pressure normal.

It helps in keeping your emotions controlled and thus by putting a control over emotions and leads you to excel in life.

The ॐ chanting produces a vibration and sound which is felt in your vocal cord and sinus. It opens pore which in turn helps in removal of sinus problems gradually and if done in complete faith.


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  1. Michael33 says:

    Good morning Vikas – Just wanted to thank you for this most beautiful post. It was great reading these words as I sit having coffee before the dawn. I am in much agreement with your words because ‘aum’ has carried me through much darkness. Thank you for sharing your enlightenments with us…
    Have a beautiful day…

    1. Good Morning, Michael,Thanks for your beautiful comment and your valuable time to visit. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this info! The last one is news to me.

Many Many thanks for your visit and support comment :)

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